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Lease a Medium Commercial Vehicle.
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*Prices are based on a 36 month lease, and 20,000 km per annum. Price includes maintenance, wear & tear tyres, DOE, motor tax and much more. Images of models provided are for illustrative purposes only.  Prices are subject to change. Terms & Conditions apply.

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Our Go Rentals contract lease package is a simple and straightforward solution for a fleet size with 1 or 100 units. Our contract lease agreements combine the cost of vehicle finance and maintenance into a pre-determined fixed monthly lease rate, based on a specified lease term and mileage range.

This arrangement offers a standard range of services and as the lease price is determined up front, there is no risk of unexpected costs.

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We can deliver and collect lease vehicles at your location anywhere in Ireland.

Enquire today about our new Go-Flexi leasing option. Vehicles at long term prices with short term commitment. Return the vehicle with only a months notice. Ask your rental agent today.

Leasing Information

  • Price includes all servicing and routine maintenance costs
  • Latest makes and models
  • FREE 2,000 kms per month
  • Various mileage options available
  • Designated Account manager
  • Delivery and collection available nationwide
  • Monthly Billing
  • Cash-flow Forecasting, one monthly budgeted amount
  • No Depreciation
  • Our motor experience
  • Full Comprehensive Road Side Assistance
  • FREE Delivery Nationwide
  • No finance approval requirement
  • Flexible month to month deals available
  • Fixed fee, every month, no alterations
  • VAT is spread out throughout the duration of the lease
  • Option to have cars / vans changed on a regular basis – allowing fleets to operate the latest vehicles
  • Maintain a high visual company profile
Nationwide service & aftersales facility operating 7 days a week.

In the unlikely event of any unexpected issues arising, you can take comfort in knowing we provide 24/7/365 roadside assistance.

You will also be able to take comfort in the knowledge that we can provide your business with a variety of vehicles. In doing so we are able to accommodate the varying roles that may exist within your organization. We also ensure that your vehicles are maintained to the highest market standards.

rental-300x65 Business Fleet Management team have years of experience providing professional services to sole traders, state bodies and international corporations, of all sizes. With this knowledge, your mind can be at ease, knowing that your accounts are being controlled by dedicated professionals.

Contact Your Account Manager

  • First name basis
  • Personal touch
  • Face-to-face assistance

Ask Yourself:

  • Are you fed up with your van breaking down?
  • Is the repair, as well as that down-time costing you money?

We offer transparent fixed pricing with no depreciation, or fluctuating maintenance or servicing costs.

rental-300x65 Leasing can offer a flexible, no capital commitment and fleet management solution.

If interested, drop us a line, or get started today by filling out our Credit account application form, click here.

  • Expert advice on the types of vehicles and the specifications required for your business will be given, to best suit your requirements.
  • Contract lease agreements that meet your needs on the road, and of course in your budget



We deliver your new lease van “Ready to Drive”!

In doing so, we ensure that you can get on with the day-to-day running of your business, from your very first day.

We can provide your new leased van, not just with a maintenance package and replacement vehicle for scheduled servicing, but we will also co-ordinate and fit your specific extras tailored to your business such as:

  • your company branding
  • interior fit out
  • exterior accessories
  • safety packs

Our experience in delivering tailored specification vehicles has helped us grow to be one of the leading providers of leased commercial vehicles to some of the largest fleet users in Ireland.

Everything can be included in your monthly lease rental price that will have been tailored to suit your own specific needs. We can supply your vehicle to include:

  • Tow bars
  • Roof racks
  • Emergency lighting and roof mounted light bars
  • Phone kits or Bluetooth
  • Window tinting
  • Alarms
  • Tracking systems
  • First aid kits
  • Fire extinguishers


  • Company logo
  • mid-sized graphics
  • fully or partially wrapped
  • or even just a bumper sticker

Please contact us for any specific requirements…


rental-300x65 provide scheduled service plans, along with comprehensive service and maintenance packages as per manufacturers recommendations. Worn tyres are included within your monthly rate, as we will pre-determine your usage prior to rental once your mileage assumption has been defined. (Damaged tyres or punctures are not included)

Service booking contact us

To book your vehicle in for a service click here

• The details of your vehicles service schedule are contained in the handbook which came with the vehicle. Our rental-300x65 agents will remain in contact with the drivers to monitor mileage via our “auto-text odometer reading reminder” but it is principally the drivers responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is available to be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers recommended service schedule.

• Every effort will be made to facilitate your preferred dates, but workshops may be fully booked, so we advise contacting us several weeks prior to exceeding the service due date/mileage

• Please be advised that service bookings are generally scheduled weeks in advance, so please make efforts to get in early

Simply fill in the form below and we will contact you within two working days to confirm arrangements, or alternatively, if you need to speak with us you can call our driver hotline at +35345880393 or email [email protected]

For other maintenance queries contact [email protected]

For all other queries mail [email protected] or simply complete the form below and one of our business management team will reply as soon as possible.

As soon as your vehicle is due for a service you may contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that maintenance is carried out in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines by a dealer convenient to you within our extensive preferred supplier network.

Alternatively we can collect the vehicle from you, drop off a replacement vehicle of similar category, and take care of everything for you.

rental-300x65 will co-ordinate the entire process by facilitating any unfortunate collision damage. We also have a market leader on-site that carries out all necessary repairs and collision management services. We will manage the accident claim process from start to finish, ensuring that you are kept fully informed during the process. We deal directly with the insurance companies, eliminating any unnecessary administration for your business. We would also arrange a temporary hire vehicle while your vehicle is off the road for repairs.

Fair Wear and Tear Guide For Cars & Vans

On inspection of the vehicle on the day of “off-hire” the vehicle is appraised immediately after its return to rental-300x65. The assessment is fair and adheres to guidelines that are transparent to our customer base and endorsed by the leading European leasing organisations.

To help our customers determine what is fair wear and tear, we have produced these guidelines. Please click on the below:

Fair Wear and Tear Guide For Cars & Vans

rental-300x65 manage your annual road tax renewal, NCT and/or DOE test booking, and the costs of these are included in your monthly lease rental.

Our service includes:

  • Monitoring NCT/DOE due dates
  • Bookings of relevant testing
  • Collection of vehicle and delivery of a substitute
  • Management of pre-test repairs as necessary
  • Delivery and re-collection from test center
  • Processing of payments for relevant certification
  • Re-delivery of certified vehicles
  • On-line motor tax purchasing and distribution via post or delivered in person

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Motor Tax Online Logo

When it comes to fleet management, consideration must be given to CO2 emissions and the impact on global warming. We like to offer our clients advice on how to best address this concern with a number of simple steps which can be taken to work towards a cleaner environment, whilst also considering the financial impact on the business.


All diesel cars being registered in EU member states have to abide by the Euro 6 emission standards. The Euro 6 emission standards aim to make diesel cars cleaner.

From September 2015, all diesel cars being registered in EU member states have to abide by the Euro 6 emission standards. The Euro 6 emission standards aim to make diesel cars cleaner. They mainly aim to:

  • Reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions of diesel cars. Nitrogen oxide is a harmful polluting substance that has been proven to have serious negative health implication as well as negative effects on the environment
  • The Euro 6 standard aims to reduce the allowed nitrogen oxide emission of diesel cars from the 180mg/km limit down to a maximum of 80mg/km
  • The limit for nitrogen oxide emission remains at 60mg/km for petrol cars, as it was for the Euro 5 emission standards

What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a soluble colourless solution that looks like water or windscreen washer fluid. It is composed of 67.5% distilled water and 32.5% high grade urea, such as that used to manufacture plastics, cosmetic products or fertilisers. Urea used as a synthetic product is typically produced from natural gas. The composition of AdBlue® makes it a biodegradable, non-explosive, non-toxic and non-flammable liquid. This liquid reduces the carbon footprint of your car and is used in many vehicles, from trucks to tractors, to vans and to cars. Heavy goods vehicles were the first to be affected by the European regulation, being equipped with AdBlue® tanks since 2005. AdBlue® meets the criteria of ISO 22241-1 to 4 and is registered as a trademark by the VDA ( German Association of the Automotive Industry).

Do I need to fill my Car with AdBlue®?

For most drivers, AdBlue® can last for thousands of kilometres, meaning it would usually need to be refilled at the scheduled servicing. It might be the case though, depending on the usage of the vehicle that drivers would need to “top up” their AdBlue®. Go Rentals will ensure this is maintained during scheduled service maintenance, but it is the drivers responsibility to ensure that levels are maintained. It is recommended that cars have at least five liters of AdBlue® at all times. If drivers are taking their cars outside Europe, they are advised to fill up their AdBlue® tanks beforehand, and even take an extra AdBlue® container with them.

How often does the tank need to be refilled?

The tank’s capacity is designed so that it should not need to be filled between service intervals. If you have any concerns in this regards, you can call any of our Go Rentals rental agent, and we can inspect the vehicle ourselves, or advise you accordingly.

  • In case of an AdBlue® shortage a message informing the driver will appear on the dashboard.
  • If the car has less than three litres of AdBlue®, the engine will not start.

One litre of AdBlue® will be sufficient to drive the car for approximately 1000 Km.

Where do I buy AdBlue®?

Containers of AdBlue® solution can be found in:

  • Majority of filling stations Nationwide are already stockists

The containers are easy to use and they are designed to fit directly with the vehicle’s AdBlue® tank.

How to refill the AdBlue® tank:

AdBlue® will have its own tank, the AdBlue® fluid will have to be poured directly into the AdBlue® tank and not in the fuel tank. Your Go Rentals agent can advise you in relation to this at time of collection/delivery, or at any stage throughout the lease period. Go Rentals will ensure this is maintained during scheduled service maintenance, but it is the drivers responsibility to ensure that levels are maintained. AdBlue® should not be mixed with other chemicals, nor should it be diluted with water.

Also, In order to refill the AdBlue® tank, the car must be parked on a level surface to avoid overfilling and damage to the AdBlue® tank.

The use of AdBlue® is an additional cost element for diesel engine vehicles. Fleet managers need to be informed on the topic, including the processes and cost elements associated with AdBlue®. Drivers also need to be informed, through a driver’s guide, on how to act in case their involvement is required.

Further information can be found here:

Click here for Leasing Frequently Asked Questions